Best IMEI Changer APK & App [Tested]

best imei changer tool

IMEI Changer app is an app that allows you to do clearly what the name suggests: change the IMEI of your Android device. It is a common notion that your device must be rooted. Many people want to know How to Change IMEI Number in Android without rooting. It is possible to change the IMEI number without rooting. We can do this easily on any phone without using a PC or any other tool. It can do by using android IMEI Changer App.

What is IMEI Number?
IMEI refers to “International Mobile Equipment Identity” number. Every smartphone has different IMEI number all across the world. You can check your device IMEI number in the back side of mobile or by dialing *#06# from the dial pad.

Why Do We Need to Change IMEI Number?
Loads of benefits can derive from changing IMEI of our device. You can do this by using the IMEI Changer App. Mostly, for the people who love to use Refer & Earn apps for making money and free recharges. In most of the devices now we need to create an account and whenever we create a new account in any app, it will store out IMEI number in its database. And in times when you try to use your referral link to get referral money through your device, it detects your IMEI, and you wouldn’t get any referral commission by that app. So, in this case, you can quickly solve this issue by changing your Android IMEI number.
Requirements to Change Android IMEI Number
● Rooted Android Phone
● Xposed Installer installed in Your Device
● IMEI Changer App
● Data Connection

How To Change IMEI Number In Android?

You may follow the following steps as your guide to change the IMEI number of your device:

Step 1

First of all note real IMEI number of your Android, by this, if you want to turn back on your actual IMEI number, you can paste it. Dial *#6# form your mobile Dialpad to get original IMEI number of your phone.
Step 2
Open Xposed installer app on your device and Tick mark on IMEI Number Changer app option.
Now, restart your Android device.
Step 3
After restarting, open IMEI Changer app, it will show your Real IMEI number in current IMEI number option.
Step 4
Now change your IMEI Number from New IMEI number option and click on Apply.
Step 5
It will show your New IMEI number in Current IMEI number box.
Step 6
Now Reboot your device and on startup recheck your IMEI number by dialing *#6#.
Step 7
Congrats! Your IMEI number has successfully changed!

How To Change Android IMEI Number Without Root?

First of all download Mobile Uncle App on your device.
Step 2
After downloading, install and open Mobile uncle app on your android.
Step 3
Select Engineer >>> Engineer Mode (MTK) option from the app.
Step 4
Now scroll down and search for CDS Information option, click on it.
Step 5
Now, click on Radio Information option.
Step 6
Two options will appear on the screen called Phone 1 and Phone 2.
Step 7
Merely click on Phone 2 option from the list.
Step 8
After clicking on Phone 2, you will see a new option of AT+.
Step 9
Now replace AT+ with “AT+(space)Your 15 Digit New IMEI Number Here“.
Step 10
Now, click on SEND AT COMMAND
Step 11
Reboot your device and dial *#6# to check your new IMEI number.
Step 12
Done! Your IMEI number has successfully changed.